Tuesday, 15 January 2019

What are you thinking about?

Every second there's a new thought, and it is probably different from the one you had a second ago. So, what are you thinking about right now? Is it about your next holidays? Do you have the February exams weighing on your mind? Whatever it is, I am pretty sure people would like to know about it. Because one of the things which are common in most human beings is curiosity. Have you heard the saying "Curiosity killed the cat"? I am a curious one and I can tell you I'm dying to know what is  the thought that is making you smile, or sad, or nostalgic. Write about 20 words telling people about it. Make other people smile and at the same time, put your writing skills into practice.

Monday, 22 October 2018

That's English

Hi guys, have you had a good summer? I hope so. I also hope you haven't had to deal with the noise of air-conditioning machines like me. But autumn has come and I think it will take all the annoying sounds of the summer as it usually does. Well, have you taken up English or have you decided to continue your studies and make most of your time? In that case you have made the best decision ever Whether you are in the basic level, the intermediate or the advanced one, you will probably need the That's English app.Besides installing the app, you will need the documents and media you will be given, when you make the registration. This is a youtube page where you can find the videos for the lessons of the different units. In case of doubt, if your books are not available, you can see the tapescripts of the programmes here. I will try to add things for every unit of modules 3, 9 and 11. Let's walk together to achieve the main goal of a learner of English, which is being communicative competent in the aforementioned language.

Sunday, 25 February 2018


We are not always feeling happy or sad, good or bad. As a matter of fact, we are more likely to be down in the dumps, scared stiff  or fascinated. That means we have to learn other adjectives so that our vocabulary is more varied and less poor. Let's start with adjectives like these ones. And then, Who knows? From there to C1 in a few months. 

“There could have been no two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison” 
― Jane AustenPersuasion

Monday, 22 January 2018

Modal verbs of probability

There are some occasions on which we must make guesses as regards things people have done or said, and there are grades of certainty we should know how to express. Are you ready to learn and use this new knowledge? 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Adjectives ending in -ed or -ing

  Sorry guys no doubt this is not nearly as exciting as Christmas, but if you are learning English, you need to know the difference between adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. You know that when you we are speaking about somebody who has a feeling of boredom, tiredness or exhaustion, you should use an adjective ending in -ed, but when you are saying that it's something or someone which causes that feeling, you should use an adjective ending in -ing. If this is under control, then you can do this exercise and if it is correct, this is another thing you know about the English language, which is really good news. But I will not be shocked to know about it because I already know your English is really good.  😉

Monday, 8 January 2018

I love Christmas

Hi guys. I know that Christmas time’s sort of past news, but I want to think that the Christmas spirit continues being here throughout the year and we never lack generosity, love and faith. Let’s practise listening comprehension by having a look at some Christmas films. They are not the best, but they are just examples of the impending wish to be better and overjoyed folks

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Adjective order

Sorry guys. I haven't written a thing for over a fortnight, which is terrible. But, enough is enough. Tonight I am feeling proactive and  I am writing about how to put adjectives in the right order. But, this is not an easy task and it is not mathematics either.
Let's start by saying that we are not likely to be forced to write more than four adjectives in the same sentence. However, whether you are supposed to put two, three, four or more, you'd better know how to put them in a logical order that sounds natural.

  1. When more than one adjective comes before a noun, the adjectives are normally in a particular order. Adjectives which describe opinions or attitudes (e.g. amazing) usually come first, before more neutral, factual ones (e.g. red): She was wearing an amazing red coat.   Not: … red amazing coat 
  2. If we don't want to emphasise any one of the adjectives, the most usual sequence of adjectives is: 
  • 1


    unusual, lovely, beautiful
    big, small, tall
    physical quality
    thin, rough, untidy
    round, square, rectangular
    young, old, youthful
    blue, red, pink
    Striped, patterned, checkered,…
    Dutch, Japanese, Turkish
    metal, wood, plastic
    general-purpose, four-sided, U-shaped
    cleaning, hammering, cooking
  •  She had beautiful long thick wavy dark swept back hair.
  • He is a handsome tall thin Swedish guy with short curly layered hair.
  • He was wearing a lovely thick, black and white, patterned, woollen sweater.
It is not complicated, but remember that where you have physical quality, you can also find adjectives related to temperature or condition and that if you want to emphasize an adjective you might want to put it in a different position and last but not least, you must bear in mind that the more general an adjective is, the further from the noun it will be and the more specific the adjective is, the closer it will be to the noun.